It’s not you! It’s the demands of a mercurial, competitive, high risk business. It’s the Entertainment Industry with all the sizzle, the dreams, the cash and prizes and the maze-like inner workings that are so hard to navigate. The Industry demands all of your emotional, physical, and mental capacity to just get by. You must devise a plan, commit to and make it happen in order to succeed.Whether you work alone or are a part of a team, the C3 approach to coaching will help you make the changes needed to meet the demands of your career. Improve your performance, hone your songwriting skills, nail that audition or interview; no matter your objective, C3 will guide you through the process.

We will help you define objectives as grand as becoming a CEO or as immediate as an appearance on a late night talk show that your publicist has landed for you.

Coaching is an investment in self, one that you cannot afford to make and the return on that investment entitles you to a life beyond your wildest dreams! The rewards and the risks are proportional. Minimize the risk, set your goals and create a plan that will deliver.


Artist Singing, Entertainment Career Coach, Entertainment Career Counselor in New York, NY

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The C3 approach is step by step, dealing with one thing at a time, which progressively helps you love your life and career. Learn how to turn rejection into energy and address common as well as destructive reactions to success.  We use methods like visualization, role play, modeling, “act as if” exercises, the Sedona method, zig-zag formulas, the ABC model, thought-feeling links and other proven coaching tools that really work, if you are willing to work them.
Coaching will help you set the agenda and achieve the following goals;Job Transition – Auditions that get you the gig –  Interviews that get you the job – Promotion Plan Development –  Project Development – Career Development and Direction – Marketing –  Publishing Deals – Film & TV work –  Career Paths Getting to the Next Level – Time Management – Imaging – Financial Organization – Business Strategies – Troubleshooting – Talent Development –  Self Packaging & Promotion – Stage Fright – Procrastination – Finding a Manager or Agent – Publicity – Media Training – Transitioning from one medium to another – Touring – Personal Life/Career Balance – Life Performance – Entitlement – Breaking Bad Habits –  Thinking Positively – Job Promotions –  DIY Promotional  –  Grassroots Marketing – Band Mediation – Team Mediation – Staff Mediation – Company Team Building – Starting a business – Going Global – Company Expansion – Company Growth – Handling Success – Handling Rejection – Job Security Life Dreams – A Healthy Lifestyle – Desolving a Partnership – Overcoming Challenges – Forming a Partnership – Building an Artist Development Team – Finding financial backing – Relocation – Communication Skills – Remaining Calm under pressure – Life Choices – Defining Your Dreams – yourSetting Goals – Relaxation – Back to School – Launching a Career – Becoming an author or composer – Getting Published – Creating Merchandise – Lifestyle Marketing – Branding – Trending – Solving Debt Challenges – Learning New Skills – Breaking into Advertising – Licensing your Music – Licensing your Intellectual Properties – Breaking into Broadcasting – Breaking into Journalism – Breaking into Dance – The Big Promotion – Becoming a CEO – Budgeting – Change – Attracting the Right People – Live Performance – Business Strategies – Refining Your Dreams – Dealing with Unforeseen Setbacks – Working in a Business that reflects your Values – Self Esteem – Finding your Strengths & Weaknesses – Getting Unstuck – Job Searches – Critical Learning – Critical Listening – Working from Home –


Coaching PlansC3 offers hourly rates, coaching packages, project and group rates to its clients.  All private sessions are one on one and one hour in length. The sessions are offered in person, via telephone or via SKYPE or other online meeting platform.  All sessions are completely confidential in nature and fall under coach-client privilege. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss the plan that is right for you.  Call (917) 439-1112 or 

Group Rates – Seminars and Workshops-  5 people minimum.

Great for a staff tune up or a band retreat. Sensational before embarking on a tour. Just right before launching a project or plan. Perfect for a bunch of industry peers with common goals and interests. Songwriting sessions, brain-storming sessions, strategic planning.  A minimum 3 hour session held at  an appropriate venue such as a rehearsal studio, office or conference room, via online conferencing or telephonically.

One and two day seminars are offered with many “extras” such as catering, guest speakers, audio-visual and multi-media presentations etc.

Please call for Rates.

All Sessions include:

– Applicable practicals, organizational forms, scripts, etc.  resumes and cover letter templates, topical materials, exercises.
– Unlimited email contact and interaction
– Topic resources; applicable books, paper or article delivered via. cover letters, biographies, photo and song selection, etc.