Business Consulting

The return on an investment in consulting averages five times the cost. Save time and money by avoiding pitfalls and mistakes. The right consultant helps you focus on progress and the actions that will positively impact and accelerate your business or project.

Camille has worked for and consulted to individuals and companies such as American Express, Sony, Universal, Warner, Cinepix, Cinemax, Wes Craven and Steven Spielberg Productions, Seagram, and other Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with small businesses such as Choices Women’s Medical Center, NYCRN, Farnsworth Studios, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic and others. She remains a “go to” person for top executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are in crisis, need a strategist, a problem solver or confidante.

With 25 years of high-level business, media and entertainment experience, a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an unfailing drive to succeed, Camille’s consulting model is based on real world business experience tempered with high level academic knowledge. She has crashed glass ceilings and earned the respect of C-suite business executives and companies around the World.

Camille’s brand of transformative consulting is based on goal identification and strict project management skills that are facilitated by cutting edge project management technology. Camille works from a place of fearless passion and helps you focus on achieving your short and long-term goals. She takes individuals and organizations from where they are to where they want to be. She is an expert in marketing and operations. She has extensive experience with project packaging for investment, ramp ups and is skilled in working seamlessly with your staff and existing infrastructure.

 You must be and stay competitive. It’s time to take your project or organization to the next level. It’s time to work with someone with a fresh perspective to launch your project, expand your market share, increase your day to day operational productivity, elevate company morale or boost your bottom line. Invest in your company. Invest in your future. Invest in consulting.

Business Consulting Services include

• Business Plans • Marketing – Traditional and Online
• Marketing Plans • Online & Traditional Marketing Analysis
• Advertising Plans & Evaluation • Website – evaluation, design, content
• Team Building –HR Strategies • New Service Launch
• Organization & Infrastructure • B2B and Consumer Referral Strategies
• Performance Improvement • Strategy,  Budgeting
• Restructuring/Transformation • Promotional and Customer Strategies
• Contract & Agreement Evaluations • Succession Plans
• Mergers & Acquisitions • Operations
• RFP & Grant Preparation • Project Management


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