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You deserve to enjoy the journey as you grow, advance and move your career forward. Coaching has proven to be an effective career choice shared by all successful individuals. You can’t do it alone or make decisions in a vacuum. You need a sounding board, someone to confide in, someone who has the experience to help you focus on your goals, make decisions and follow a plan that propels you towards them.

Through a series of confidential 75-minute sessions, Camille Barbone helps you drill down, facilitating focus and targeting actions. Camille looks at your experiences, identifies patterns, both helpful and harmful, to help you structure a plan that works. She helps you hone in on your objectives, monitoring your progress and offering contingencies to meet all challenges, aligning your future goals with the current state of your career. Stop setting yourself up to fail. Focus on what you can do, what you should do and need to do. Create a plan for change and improvement that is based on skill refinement and responsibility.

Camille’s brand of transformative coaching uses goal identification and expertise progress mapping to insure success. She shows you how to invest in yourself, how to come from a place of fearless passion and overcome all challenges.

Her coaching model is driven by over 25 years of solid experience, a degree in Psychology, an MBA in Marketing and a commitment to work hard and long for each of her clients. Camille’s knowledge comes from the deep working relationships she has developed with executives from and major companies such as Sony, Universal, American Express, Seagram, Coca Cola, Warner, Cinemax, Boys & Girls Club of America, Cinepix, ICM, CAA, DreamWorks, EMI, Wes Craven and Steven Spielberg Productions and other Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with mid-size and small businesses such as Towne Real Estate, Corcoran Realty, Choices Women’s Medical Center, NYCRN, Farnsworth Studios, Silver Street Records, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Hospitals and others. She remains a “go to” person for top executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are in crisis, need a strategist, have a problem solver or confidante.

Career Coaching Services For the Business Community

Executive Career Coaching
Developing Executive Presence
Career Tactics and Strategies
Effective Sales Coaching
Entrepreneurial Coaching
Job Transition
Internal Promotion Strategies

Successfully navigate and overcome

• Subconscious Self Sabotage • Procrastination
• Fear of Success or Failure • Drive and Ambition
• Self Esteem Issues • Transitional Fear
• Hostile Work Environments • Self-Inspiration and Motivation
• Time Constraints • Collaborative or Team Issues
• Competitive Pressure • Lack of Confidence
• Personal Ineffectiveness • Risk Tension


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