We have attempted to anticipate common questions you might have about C3 and career coaching in general. If you have other questions or are willing to offer valuable feedback, C3 wants to hear from you. Please email us at camille@creativecareercoach.net

1.What is Creative Career Coaching (C3)?

It is a collaborative partnership with your coach addressing an agenda  and  objectives set by you and dictated by your objectives.  Coaching helps you manage what’s going on in your career and your life by keeping you focused, maintaining order and making sure that you are working according to a  solid plan.Coaching is a supportive kick in the pants towards success.

2.How long is a session and how often are sessions scheduled?

Sessions are one (1) hour in length and usually scheduled once (1) a week for a specific span of time, depending on the client’s needs. Scheduling is flexible and sessions can be held in person, on the telephone, via Skype or through on line meeting platforms.

3.How do I know how much coaching I need?

It depends on the agenda you wish to complete. Is your objective simple or complex? Are you experiencing challenges? Do you need to get “unstuck?”  Coaching sessions are geared towards progress and providing a great deal of return on the investment you are making in yourself.
4.Who will benefit from C3 services?

C3 has two different divisions; Creative and Business. A typical “Creative Client” includes performers of any kind, recording artists or groups, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, actors, arrangers, light and sound designers etc. Business clients include artist managers, agents, business managers, music publishers, image consultants, tour promoters, club owners, road managers, publicists, attorneys, music licensors, music supervisors, production coordinators, road crews, entertainment company executives, middle managers and staff.

5.What do C3 clients have in common?

All C3 clients are energized and driven to be the best in their chosen field. They want to make measurable progress towards their short and long term goals. They want to be in control of their fate, know where they are going and how they are going to get there. They are interested in positive change, in progress, in achieving their goals within the context of enjoying their lives.

6.Does C3 accept all client candidates?

No, the relationship between a coach and client is special. It is a partnership that is based upon commitment and accountability. Clients must be ready and willing to work and to work HARD. They must be on time, complete assignments and turn the valuable advice they receive into action. They must follow the plan, use the resources and engage in an honest and deep exchange of ideas during coaching sessions.

7.What about payment?

C3 accepts all major credit cards, electronic checks, money orders and cash.  C3 offers package plans that are priced for savings and group rates as well.

Contact Camille Barbone at C3 via email at camille@creativecareercoach.net  or via telephone at (917) 439-1112. She will set up a meeting or call to get acquainted, find out  what you want to accomplish and to discuss a program that will work for you. Then it’s on to necessary paperwork and scheduling.