Speaking and Writing

Fortune Magazine calls Camille Barbone “one of the most influential coaches and consultants in business today,” thanks to a reputation earned through more than thirty years of wise counsel to top executives, companies, CEOs and Boards of Media, Entertainment and Business organizations.

Camille’s speaking style is always to the point, fact driven, engaging, entertaining and interactive. She uses relevant examples and appropriate humor to drill down, decode and pass on the knowledge to audiences that are hungry for the truth.

Through a series of preliminary interview and a comprehensive questionnaire, Camille gathers the information needed to deliver a message that resonates with her audience. Each address is tailored to the mission and message that is promised. She is inspirational and on point. She is comfortable and a consummate communicator. Topics are based on the host’s request and the audience.  Here are just a few to consider:

• Marketing Intellectual Properties • Branding Your Organization
• The Art of Promotion • Managing a “Human” Brand
• Entrepreneurial Aspirations • The Plan: Refining Goals and Objectives
• Women in Male Dominated Fields • New Media and Your Business
• Drive vs. Talent • Licensing Intellectual Properties
• What Makes You Different • DIY Promotion
• Leveraging Social Media • The Right Business Plan
• Fellowship and Service • Attraction Not Self Promotion
• Sales-Unraveling the Mystery • Advertising that Works

Camille Barbone has numerous television appearances to her credit. She has been interviewed on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, The Morning Show and more. She has been a guest speaker, moderator and panelist at NARM, The New Music Seminar, The Songwriters Hall of Fame, Care for the Homeless Annual Dinner, Esperanza House Dinner, RIAA’s Women in Music Series, MLS, the Northeast Dance Conference and more.

Camille Barbone is also published with articles and a biographical project to her credit. She has written on the subject of success, the recording industry, career coaching and management. She is an online contributor on blogs and social media. Recent articles include:

Do You Really Need A Record Deal?

Sycophant Syndrome

Email office@camillebarbone.com to submit a request.