Camille Barbone gave me my first shot in the entertainment business when I interned for her. She mentored and prepared me for a career of a lifetime. I went on to head up marketing departments and strategies for the biggest record companies and artists in the world and now I’m building an empowerment platform for women. Camille empowered me and showed me how to be unstoppable.

Steve Alaimo, Ron & Howard AlbertSteve Alaimo, Ron & Howard AlbertAudio Vision Studios, Miami
As producers, engineers and mixers for more than forty years (The Rolling Stones, John Mellancamp, Aretha Franklin, and more), we truly recognize the importance of working with an experienced consultant, career and business coach. That being said, our long-term friend and business associate, Camille Barbone, is the "real deal". Her professionalism and experience is second to none.
Gary KatzGary KatzPlatinum Music Producer
As the producer for Steely Dan, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker, Laura Nyro and more, I have worked closely with Camille for some years. If you want to learn anything about business or the music/entertainment world from a pro who has done it all...learn from Camille!
Kate McClureKate McClureActress, Screenwriter and Producer
To say that Camille has completely and forever altered the trajectory of my career is not an exaggeration.   I consider her guidance to be absolutely elemental.  My career had earth, water, and air… Camille provided the fire!  She knows exactly when I need a few words of encouragement and when I need a swift kick in the backside.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Camille helped me exorcise all the unnecessary fear I was letting lead my life and sneak into my career.  I am forever, happily in her debt.
Freya AdamsFreya AdamsActress
Camille was able to evaluate where I was and provided a roadmap that offered not only claity but vision.  With her background in the business side of the entertainment industry, she provided insight that I, as an artist, would never have had access to.  I will surely be using the tools she has provided me with throughout my professional career.  I have already started to have the experiences I longed for simply because of the simplicity of her style and thoroughness around assessing the process.
Marcos SoláMarcos SoláTheatrical Writer, Composer and Producer
As a writer and producer of a new musical theater work, I have coached with Camille for the past 4 months.  We met while I was in production of my first showcase/workshop performance and she brought several points to my attention with regards to marketing and planning that I hadn't even thought about! Now that I am in the process of expanding the show, she is helping me lay the groundwork for a successful future.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Camille.
Martin SolaMartin SolaVocalist and Broadway Actor
My career coaching experience with Camille has transformed my perception of my work as a performing artist and teacher. She has enabled me to pinpoint specific objectives, and to create the plans required to achieve these goals. Camille is nurturing, but also holds me accountable. We diligently pursue these goals while leaving room for reassessment and adjustments to what is happening 'in the now'. Our work together has revitalized my sense of confidence, self-worth, and abundance. Thank you Camille!
Lucille GiannuzziLucille GiannuzziPh.D., FAVS, FMSA

Camille is dedicated, conscientious and knows her stuff.

Skype sessions are a convenient and effective form of private coaching. Like in-person or telephone meetings, all Skype sessions are one-on-one and last one hour and fifteen minutes in length. The ease and convenience of having a Skype session without any physical commute - and interacting from the privacy of your own space - makes coaching available to virtually anyone in the world, regardless of location. All sessions are completely confidential in nature and fall under coach-client privilege. High-speed internet, a modern laptop or desktop computer, and a good webcam are recommended.