Assessment and Improvement Sessions for Your Talent

Camille Barbone


Camille Barbone Coaching is a go-to source for artists, executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are in crisis, need a strategist or planner or confidante. The return on investment in coaching averages five times its cost. Save time and money by avoiding pitfalls and mistakes. The right coach helps you focus on progress and the actions that will impact and accelerate you, your business, career or project.

Camille Barbone Coaching has worked for and consulted to individuals and companies such as American Express, Sony, Universal, Warner, Cinepix, Cinemax, Wes Craven and Steven Spielberg Productions, Seagram, WGU, and other Fortune 500 companies. They have worked with small and medium sized businesses such as Choices Women’s Medical Center, NYCRN, Farnsworth Studios, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic, and others.

Camille Barbone Coaching specializes in the following areas of coaching:
  • Business and Career
  • Artist Development and Performance
  • Publishing and Licensing
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare